To the council of Universal Order and Balance,

I, Jak , Last Leader of Brotherhood am officially removing myself out of leadership and dispersing my organization. We are no longer a united organization and we will no longer be aiding and volunteering to contain balance in the worlds. As per agreed on the treaty, the name Brotherhood will be wiped out of the record and we will fade into the lines of history as documented, “The last heroes that tried.”


Jak, Leader of Brotherhood


Without the aide of Brotherhood, worlds and refugees flood the remaining worlds. Creatures of old and new now swarm the worlds with no stop. Resources are scarce, worlds are separate, but our hearts are not. Brotherhood may be gone, but the idea of it will live on in the hearts of those who will remember.

Veterans, founders, Kingdom leaders and various world ambassadors have created a new guild system to fund those who will fight and protect their worlds. Despair and turmoil have just recently knocked onto our doors since the Dragon War five years ago. We will not forget those we have lost, we will not forget the trials those who defended us. Tho we are separated, we will always be connected. We all share the same Light, the same Dreams and the same Sky.

Welcome to Eternal Suburbs: Prototype.

Eternal Suburbs